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German Adverbs of Time - Temporaladverbien

German Adverbs of Time - Temporaladverbien Adverbs of time indicate when the action or event takes place. Adverbs of time answer the questions wann, wie oft, wie lange? Er kommt spter. Wann kommt er? Spter. allezeit bald bisher damals eben frà ¼her heute heutzutage immer jahrelang jemals jetzt morgen nachher neuerdings nie/niemals seitdem stets à ¼bermorgen vorher zuerst Adverbs with –s-Many nouns with time-related meanings can be transformed into adverbs by adding the letter –smontags, dienstags, etcsommers, winters but not Herbst or Frà ¼hling morgens, mittags, abendszeitlebens (all one’s life)anfangs Montags gehe ich zur Deutschklasse. Adverbs with two timeframes/points in timeeinst/ once, at one time: used to describe a timeframe/point in the future as well as the past. For example,Einst wollte er heiraten, aber jetzt nicht mehr. (At one time he wanted to get married, but not any more.)Einst wird der Tag kommen, wo ich Großmutter sein werde. (The day will come where Ill be a grandmother.)gerade: used to describe a timeframe/point in time in the present as well as the past that just occurred. For example,Mein Vater ist gerade bei der Arbeit. (My father is at work at present.)Sie ist gerade zur Kirche gegangen. (She just went to church.)

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The Big Secret of ACT Science Its More Reading Than Science

The Big Secret of ACT Science It's More Reading Than Science SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips Why is the ACT Science section so scary?When I took it the first time, it was fast paced, had a lot of difficult science terms, and seemed challenging. I think manystudents have a similar experience because the ACT Science section is unlike any other test you've taken, and is so different from the PSAT and SAT. But there's a critical secret to ACT Science - you actually don't need to know much about science to do well. Instead, you need to be able to practice critical reasoning well - this is the fundamental basis for ACT Science! In this article, I'll try to make the ACT Science section less mysterious. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you'll understand that any student can get a 36 on the ACT Science section - no matter what grades you got in your science classes. Do You Need High-Level Science Knowledge to Succeed on ACT Science? While you would think the section would test high-level science knowledge, there is very little actual science knowledge necessary, only around 4 questions out of 40 rely on outside science knowledge. Instead, you need to have reading skills to succeed on the ACT Science section. Huh? But I can't read. Counterintuitive, I know, but the ACT Science section purposely focuses on basic skills. Think about the logic. The ACT is a nationwide test, administered to over a million students every year.Every student takes different levels of science. Some take AP/IB level tests. Others don't even fulfill the high school requirements for basic science courses. Thus, it wouldn’t be fair for the ACTto test AP or IB level Physics, Biology, Chemistry, or Environmental Science knowledge because few peoplein high school cantake all of that science at the advanced level. Thus, ACT Science needs to be a level playing field, nationwide. So what does it actually test? What Reading Skills Does the ACT Science Section Test? I'll discuss the major critical reading skills needed for ACT Science. Once you understand these, you'll see why you'll be able to excel on ACT Science, no matter what your grades were in your science classes. Reading Skill Type #1: Reading Visuals for Scientific Data Mostquestions test your ability to understand scientific data by reading graphs, charts, and other visuals (such as diagrams and scatterplots). To make the test challenging, ACT, Inc.,tests these basic skills of reading visuals in unique ways, using strange graphs that you've never seen before, such as this one below: Yes, this is a real ACT Science section graph. Most of the questions on the ACT Science section can be answered by just reading the visuals.Using only the graph above, solve this problem: Although the graph gives many different pieces ofinformation, ignore all of the extrainformationand just focus on what the question is asking.Does S depend on frequency? Labels are very important.I can find the graphs of S by looking at the top of the graph and seeing where S is labeled. At all of the different values of S, S is graphed as a vertical line. As frequency increases (which happens along the y-axis), the S is unchanged (remains constant). Therefore, the answer is J. Learn aboutthe 3 types of ACT Science Passages for more information about this strategy. Reading Skill Type #2: Skimming For the questions you can’t answer using the visuals, you'll be able to answer them by reading the passage. The only questions you will not be able to answer with visuals or the passage are the 4 previous knowledge questions that I mentionedearlier. The ACT Science section tries to make the passage more difficult by throwing in large scientific terms.Don't be afraid of them. The ACTtypically either explainswhat the words mean, orit is not necessary to know what the words mean to answer the question. The passage below has big terms like acid-base titration and nitrazine, yet we will easily solve a question from the passage. With only 35 minutes to answer 40 questions (52.5 seconds per question), you cannot afford to waste time reading the entire passage. I recommend going directly tothe questions. Try to answer the questions first by reading visuals. Then, if you're really stuck, try to skim the passage to answer the question. If you don't like this strategy, you can start by skimming the passage and then answering questions, but you do not have the luxury of leisurely reading the entire passage. Check out the passage and question below: To the answer this question, you need to start by looking at Figure 2 for Experiment 2. Be sure to look at the right data, make sure you are looking at Experiment 2 Figure 2, not Experiment 1 Figure 1. Otherwise, you could end up with the wrong answer. At 0.2 mL of titrant added, the color was yellow. At 1.8 mL of titrant added, the color was blue, so you can eliminate B and D. However, you don’t know what the difference between yellow and blue means in terms of pH, so you need to skim.You only need this sentence from the very end of the introduction to find the final answer. So, according to the passage, blue means greater pH than yellow, so the answer is A. You can now see how skimming can quickly lead you to the correct answer, but is skimming always the best approach to answering ACT Science questions? Exception to Skimming Rule The only exception to the skimming rule is on the Conflicting Viewpoints Passage. (See our article on the 3 types of ACT Science Passages for an in-depth summary of Conflicting Viewpoints Passages).There is only 1 Conflicting Viewpoint Passage per test (out of a total of 7 Science passages).This passage has no visuals, only words. You need to read the entire passage. You need to figure out how the two scientists, students, or theories differ in opinion. After reading this passage, you should be able to discern that Scientist 1 thinks the object was a comet while Scientist 2 thinks the object was an asteroid. To answer question 12, you must have read the entire passage, includingthe introduction.If you read the introduction, you know it says the object was between 10 and 100 m in diameter. If comets are much larger than 100 m in diameter, then the object could not have been a comet. That would definitely weaken Scientist 1’s argument that the object was a comet.So, the answer is G. But the main point, again, is this - you don't need to know anything about the science underlying this passage. You need to read effectively and employ critical reasoning. Side note: the introductions in ACT Science passages often hold nuggets of gold because the ACT Science test makers realize most students are likely to skip it. Don't miss out! Conflicting Viewpoints Passages test your reading comprehension ability, very similar to the passages in the Reading section.Be sure to pay close attention when reading Conflicting Viewpoints passages.So, if you were freaking out about ACT Science, take a breather. You can get a C in Biology and still do well on ACT Science. But that doesn't mean you don't have to work hard and practice. How Do You Improve These Reading Skills To Do Well on ACT Science? Suggestion #1: Reading Science Journals and Articles Since the ACT Science Passages are similar, it'll give you a leg up since you'll already be familiar with reading this type of passage.You'll be more familiar with the scientific method and looking at scientific data. I recommend Science Daily. Itis a free science news source, and the articles are very easy to understand. Check out this article abouta study onpeanut allergies. I recommend reading their articles as well as the original journal article (which they link to at the bottom of their articles). While Science Daily does not use many visuals on their site, the journal articles typically have unique graphs and visuals. Such as this one from the peanut allergy study: When reading the Science Daily articles, you should ask yourself questions as a test. In particular, run through these questions: What is the main point of the experiment? What was the hypothesis? How were the experiments supposed to validate the hypothesis? When looking at the visuals in the related journal articles, what is being depicted? This is how scientific research works, and this is what ACT Science expects you to be able to decipher. Suggestion #2: Do Well in Your Science Classes While your classes will likely be more challenging than the actual ACT science section, they'll also help you become more familiar with the scientific method and looking at scientific data. Review ACT Science while you take science classes. The more basic science terms you know, the easier the ACT Science section will be and the faster you will be able to answer questions. Suggestion #3: Practice As I said before, the Science section is more about reading graphs and tables,so you need to drill this skill.Also, the Science is one of the most time sensitive sections of the test.With only 5 minutes per passage and less than 1 minute per question, no matter how well you understand the material, you need practice.Find good study material. Check out these recommended books.Check out PrepScholar’s program.PrepScholar breaks down each section into the skills you need to master, then gives you focused practice on each skill. This way you work on your weaknesses, whether that's interpreting data or understanding the basis for experiments. What's Next? I hope understanding this brings you a big sigh of relief. You DON'T have to be a science expert to do well on ACT Science. But you DO need to know exactly how ACT Science tests you, and you need to know how to practice to excel at it. Learnthe 3 types of ACT Science passages, the only actual science you need to know for the ACT Science section, what's tested on ACT Science, andthe best way to read ACT Science passages. Like this article? Want to improve your ACT score by 4 points? Check out our best-in-class online ACT prep program. We guarantee your money back if you don't improve your ACT score by 4 points or more. Our program is entirely online, and it customizes what you study to your strengths and weaknesses. If you liked this Sciencelesson, you'll love our program.Along with more detailed lessons, you'll get thousands ofpractice problems organized by individual skills so you learn most effectively. We'll also give you a step-by-step program to follow so you'll never be confused about what to study next. Check out our 5-day free trial:

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A company that provide great customer service in its industry Essay

A company that provide great customer service in its industry - Essay Example nt here to understand the concept which was coined by George Ritzer whereby he kept the name ‘McDonaldization’ which is in relevance with the continuation of Max Webers theories related with bureaucracies. (Bassett, 1992) Max Weber has put in place a definition related with bureaucracy as being a large hierarchical organization which governs the basis of formal rules and regulations and which forms a lucid arrangement of tasks that need to be undertaken. McDonald’s believes in satisfying its customers all over the globe as there is a premise to regard the customers as the most important entity for the existence of this international fast food chain. The customers for McDonald’s mean everything for them as they are the people who introduce new and fresh concepts into the restaurant industry every now and then. Workers at the restaurant are given the tasks to grill, preparing French fries, working the front register and lastly taking orders at the drive through windows present at the selected McDonald’s outlets. McDonald’s has a network of authority starting from the workers, crew chiefs, shift managers, salary managers and up till the owner of the outlet in essence. (Lowenstein, 1997) McDonald’s has enforced within the fast food chain an impartial application of rules and policies so that there is no compromise on this tenet at any cost. McDonalds has maintained highest quality standards, personalized greetings at the registers and doors as well as at the drive through windows. McDonald’s has attained the role of being a bureaucratic chain more so because it is the most efficient means of managing a diverse set of people across varied geographic locations and societal segments. This leaves one to wonder as to why the process of McDonaldization has attained so much success when one thinks about McDonald’s. One must attach special linkage with fresh changes and mind-blowing conceptual moves when there is a visualization of McDonald’s in the

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International relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 6

International relations - Essay Example These agreements terminated the first crisis and it was covered by both international and United States based media footages including New Yorks Times, the NBC, and CBS among other United States based media institutions as well as the non US based media institutions including the BBC, the Hindustan Times (India), the East African Standard, and the Peoples Daily (China) among others. However, later, the North Korea resumed its nuclear program that was only to be discovered by the United States thereby leading to the second North Korea Nuclear crisis that all these media institutions also highlighted with a lot of concern. Nuclear weapons activities are matters of gravity of international concerns (Levs 01). Therefore, different media are trying to unearth all the activities and programs in different parts of the world especially in North Korea. Both the United states based media and non united states based media are equally concerned with the nuclear activities taking place in North Korea and other parts of the world including Iranian nuclear ambitions. According to the the Peoples Daily (China), the Iran government holds that its nuclear programs have no ill intentions, but are in place for the benefits of its civilians. Regardless of almost equal concern, the United States media groups including the New York Times the NBC, and CBS among others have often reported every inch of nuclear activities in North Korea and Iran will equal concerns (NBC News Staff and Wire Reports 01). It should be noted that the New York times and BBC are almost the first media groups that report all nuclear developments in North Korea. For instance, the New York Times reported that the North Korea has successfully tested â€Å"†¦ new higher level †¦ explosive power and technology of its control (Sang-Hun 01).† It is a fact that all the world superpowers are concerned with the nuclear activities in North Korea since its clear target is not yet established. According to

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In the poem Compose upon Westminster Bridge and London the poets present :: English Literature

In the poem Compose upon Westminster Bridge and London the poets present two very different. In the poem Compose upon Westminster Bridge and London the poets present two very different and contrasting views of the same city. William Wordsworth view of London is positive and optimistic. William Blake on the other hand presents a very negative dismal picture of the city. William Wordsworth was born in 1770 and has always had a love of nature. He studied at Cambridge University, which later helped him to become the writer he always wanted to be. In 1787he wrote for the European magazine. In 1970 Wordsworth had an affair with a French girl who inspired him to write poetry but he still kept a close contact with his natural surroundings. Some of wordsworths best poems were under the title of The Prelude which was made up of Philosophical autobiographical poems in 1778 completed in 1805 but only only became published in 1850 also whilst on a trip in Germany he was inspired by nature and its natural surroundings to write more poems. Later on in life Wordsworth abandoned his radical ideas and became a patriotic, conservative public man. He then died in 1850. William Blake was born in 1957. Blake grew up in London and spent most of his life there, been educated by his mother .Not only did he become a poet but he was also a painter visionary mystic and an engraver he also printed his own books. Blake proclaimed the supremacy of the imagination over treating reason as the basic of belief and knowledge of the 18th century but failed to understand how shadowed his career actually was. Later on he experienced visions of angels and ghostly monks. He had his first book of poems in 1783 called poetical sketches and was followed by songs of innocence and songs of experience. His most famous poem was â€Å"The Tyger† as he wrote from a child’s understanding of London, Blake lived a prosperous life he didn’t leave himself any debts at the end of his career or life in 1827. William Wordsworth view of London is good as he looks at the beauty of the town and describes what the town is like using positive vocabulary which makes the poem sound strong also it helps you to visualise its surroundings. When I read this poem it made me feel that nothing could get as beautiful as London could as he sees it for what is made of â€Å"the fairest site on earth† and makes you want to be there as it sounds like a â€Å"grand† place to be.

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Militarism: Iran & Nigeria Essay

Every state dreams of having stability and structure to properly govern and control its citizens. All states wish that they possessed such great structure, that every citizen of their country would be fully protected and looked after. However, there are some states that lack resources and are not capable to ensure the safety and well being of their citizens. Most states that offer solidity and organization more than likely have a strong military that have power within the government, referring to militarism. The concept of militarism states that it is â€Å"a strong military spirit or policy. [A] principle or policy of maintaining a large military establishment†[1]. Militarism goes beyond the thought of defense and battleship, it refers to the amount of power a military has over or with a government. With militarism comes the excessive spending on military and the military’s ability to have total control. Though is it important to have a strong relationship between military and the government, Nigeria and Iran have two separate ways of intertwining the two in their states. Nigeria is known for its strong military presence within the government. The degree of militarism in Nigeria is high because of their past history being under civilian rule. During the first forty years of Nigeria’s independence, this state only lasted ten years under a civilian government. A few years after the downfall of their civilian government, they soon fell under military rule. Nigeria has always been considered stronger and more power when they were controlled by their government, rather than following a democracy[2]; this exemplifies militarism. Although in Nigeria they tend to use their military to create a corruption within politics, other countries use their militaries for difference purposes. Iran has always had a mediocre military. Iran does not have a strong military, so their influence is of low impact on politics. The degree of militarism in Iran is subtle because they mostly focus on working with the citizens directly, rather than trying to govern them. With a broken military, all they have to offer is a societal impact. With the citizens of Iran, their military helps keep them in order while under governmental oversight. In Comparative Politics, it was stated, â€Å"since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the Iranian government has worked hard to maintain control of the military. [†¦] Rather than a strong military and a weak civilian government, Iran had a weak and fractured military alongside a strong civilian political institutions†[3]. Iran has always worked to fall under autonomy and flourish into a well developed independent state. There becomes a time where the military begins to overrule their government and take matters into their own hands. Currently, a lot of Nigerian citizens are realizing what has been going on for the past forty years and are starting to take action. In Iran, they continue to be content with civilians to governing their state, while the military stay under governmental watch to ensure that they do not do anything crazy. Both countries are lesser-developed countries, but when it comes to militarism, it all depends on what they citizens wish to fall under. Having a high degree of militarism is not always a good thing to have because the military having a heavy involvement in politics and governance will not end well due to budgeting, defense, and a positive societal impact. When citizens live under the governance of people, rational decisions are made. When citizens live under the governance of the military, more than likely fear amongst each other arises.

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The And Metaphysical Idea Of Human Rights - 927 Words

Now that we have somewhat familiarized ourselves as to the foreign concept of what human rights can be described as, let us attempt to conceptually define this impalpable and metaphysical idea of human rights. Human rights are defined by one’s own personal truth: many people, especially those who lean more toward the right, can see them as something that is dispensable; something to interchange constantly when convenient and for those whom they feel are more deserving of the luxuries that come with it; I mean no disrespect by this, however I personally fail to see why a underdeveloped fetus, whom often is not much more than a blob of human cells cultivating has more of a right to life than say, a little boy whose family came here illegally for a better life and are then turned away, and essentially left for dead, and how a poor starving family is told that they are not worth a nominal tax raise and how though that fetus might be forced to stay alive against the mother’s will and right to choice because of shortcuts in state policy, her medical bill will not be paid for nor free universally, or how a child of war torn country who has never been able to afford childhood, is dismissed, discriminated against and seen as a terrorist, or how children working in sweatshops for less than a dollar across seas could be seen as by a party supporting ‘family values’ as morally acceptable, or even how thousands civilians can be innocently killed in a war over greed for oil companiesShow MoreRelatedReasons for the Rejection of Anti-Realism in Relation to Mental Disorders 1422 Words   |  6 Pagespresent two arguments that Graham proclaims support anti-realism. This analysis of Graham’s thoughts and ideas on anti-realism and mental disorders will be squarely based upon the information supplied by Graham in his book titled, The Disordered Mind. In this book, the realist minded Graham develops and ultimately supports a non-reductive theory o n the subject of mental disorders. To understand the ideas of Graham, a realist, it is crucial to understand the two different positions on the existence ofRead MoreUse Of Metaphysical Constructs : Explanations Of Human Thought And Behavior From The Ancient World1506 Words   |  7 Pages Use of Metaphysical Constructs: Explanations of Human Thought and Behavior from the Ancient World till the Period of British Empiricism. In discuss the metaphysical constructs and agents that explains human thought and behavior that was used by people in the ancient world and by various thinkers and philosophers, one must start with Ancient Greece, then through the later Roman, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, then onto the Enlightenment and British Empiricism periods. During the time of AncientRead MoreWhat Makes Hayy Human? :Hayy’s Physical Understanding Versus His Metaphysical Understanding of His Surroundings943 Words   |  4 PagesTufayl first presents the physical explanation or understanding and then accounts for the metaphysical explanation or understanding. Because Hayy grew up in solitude, he has a primitive knowledge of survival and understands only the metaphysical aspect of his life. When he meets Absal, he is presented with the physical aspect of life such as language and religion. However, what part of understanding makes Hayy human? Is it the physical understanding of his environment or his theoretical understandingRead MoreThe reading analysis that I was most interested in during the semester was Stephen Mumford, Are1200 Words   |  5 Pagesexist between wholes and their respective parts? This concept of metaphysics portrays an object as a complex structure, which means it has constituent parts (Mumford 10). This metaph ysical concept looks into critical questions to be considered when it comes to thinking in the right direction to decipher the correct metaphysical principle underlying the reasoning put forward by Stephen Mumford. An example of an argument is that a mobile phone and a pile of stones are made up of parts and are thus consideredRead MoreThe Debate Over The Existence Of Free Will1228 Words   |  5 Pagesone of the most important discussions of human nature. Insight into this debate holds vast ethical, legal and political implications. In my experience, those who are not familiar with the topic often conflate free will for consciousness, and impetuously accept the existence of free will. Free will is defined as the freedom of humans to make choices that are not determined by prior physical causes. Those who believe in free will thus ascribe a metaphysical contribution to behaviour (e.g., a soul)Read MoreRelationship Between Science And Religion1159 Words   |  5 Pagestitled How to Make Our Ideas Clear. In this piece, Peirce introduces the pragmatic maxim by asking the audience to consider what effects, that might conceivably have practical bearings, we conceive the object of our conception to have. Then, our conception of these effects is the whole of our conception of the object. Peirce s statement essentially encapsulates the earlier movement of pragmatism, a philosophy which stresses that the meaning or truth-value of an idea may be seen in its practicalRead MoreSummary Of The Declaration Of Independence By Daniel Callahan Essay1320 Words   |  6 Pages Inalienable Right to Choice in Life John Stuart Mills, a 19th century utilitarian, formulated an argument that helped to explain the idea of the inalienable right to liberty written about in the Declaration of Independence. Daniel Callahan reformulated this argument making it into an explanation of the inalienable right to life rather than liberty, using the same idea in the premises. Callahan’s argument concludes that the right to life and the right to commit suicide are not compatible, thereforeRead MoreThree Texts That Describe Transcendence Is John Donne â€Å"Batter1508 Words   |  7 PagesThree texts that describe transcendence is John Donne â€Å"Batter My Heart† for its transcendence in the ways of perfection through religion. The knowledge-based transcendence of Shelley’s Hymn to Intellectual Beauty. And the sweet Keats idea of transcending past time through the arts. In this text, Donne character is a man who wants the Christian God to transform him. Donne narrator wants God to beat him till he’s worthy in the eyes of God figure, â€Å"You’re force to break blow burn and make me new.†(DonneRead MoreMorality via Kant and Hegel1712 Words   |  7 Pages1. Introduction Human beings have moral inclinations that affect our actions. Few would deny as a fact of human life a perpe-tual strive to do right and good concordant with one’s particular moral beliefs (while concomitantly judging others by them). For most, this strive is accompanied by a questioning of the very nature of the moral: Is there an impartial criterion that enables us to know objectively what one ought to do, or do our moral intuitions rest solely on subjective, arbitrary groundsRead MoreA Discussion On Morals And Freedom Essay1486 Words   |  6 Pagesall actions or could there be other forces already in play. The amount of evil caused by human fault is a theme located in literature all throughout history starting as early as the book of Genesis when looking at Adam and eve, ranging to Shakespeare s seminal play Macbeth. In the following paper, I will argue that Shakespeare has written this play so the reader can understand that, regardless of the metaphysical, biological det erminants, and environmental aspects throughout this play, Macbeth is to